A Photo Shoot With Surprisingly Friendly kangaroos

Besides being a symbol of Australia unique wildlife, kangaroos are an amazing discovery for any visitor.

Hopping on their incredibly strong legs and using their muscular tail for balance as a third leg, this giant native is an intimidating and unusual encounter in so many ways. They are large marsupials, which basically means the female has a biologically designed front pouch and she rears the young in it for about 3 months until everyone agrees that the cookie is fully baked. The perfect transition for the little one and mommy’s built-in baby carrier!

As much as I wanted, I have always found it hard to plan for an encounter with a kangaroo. They are wild and fast animals in a big country. I have as well always been very careful to not disturb and keep a safe distance from anything that could knock me out in a blick of an eye and for no obvious reason to me.

Morisset kangaroos have reminded me that to all rules there are exceptions. Located north of Lake Macquarie, Morisset offers a truly exceptional experience with kangaroos. They just don’t mind you if you don’t mind them. They will try to nibble on your carrots, let you hang out for hours and pose for your pictures for as long as you are gentle. Most surprisingly, they let you pat!

However, let’s be ready for the potential price of living the life we choose. So just we are clear, feeding kangaroo might disturb their diet and patting them should come with one’s reasonable risk assessment of each situation.

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