Picnic At Centennial Park, A Green Sanctuary In Sydney 

It is curious how we easily overlook those green sanctuaries in the city. Sometimes, it is not until you are there that you realise you were missing it.

Centennial Park is a peaceful space of fresh air, water and green.

Away from the city grey and crowd, this is a place where you just want to stretch your arms and legs, have a proper meal, share a laugh and go for a nap on your picnic blanket.

The best part of it, it makes you naturally put your phone away.

Picnic idea:

If cooking is out of the question there are plenty of delicious low maintenance picnic tables which only require a basic shopping list and clean hands. You can go for tapenades, salad squiers, a variety of dips, cheese plateau, fig confiture, cherry tomatoes and bread assortment. Finally, for a bright and summery perspective, you can always get some wine and orange juice to accompany the whole experience with a refreshing mimosa drink.